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Theatre in English for schools

in France and Germany


By Onatti Productions

A brilliant play written to complement English language learning for teenagers

This play will contain student involvement in the form of on stage participation by a few members of the audience. 

This always enhances the enjoyment and adds a fun element to the theatrical performance.

Touring schools in

France and Germany 2020



The Old Saloon needs to make some money and fast, so the owner’s daughter organises a talent show. 

Well, this dusty old town sure has some weird folk and defiantly NO talent!

Comments from last years play..

""Brilliant" and "fantastic" have been 2 words to qualify the show, that I heard a lot from the students today."


"we all had great fun and pleasure watching the play...congratulations.."

Collège Privé Saint-François-Xavier, France.

"Our students were delighted by the play, they laughed all along......definitely interested in doing this again next year."

Collège André Malraux, Trun, France.

"The pupils absolutely loved it...and so did the teachers!"


Performed by two native English actors

Touring from March 2020.

Visiting schools throughout France and Germany

Cost €550


The Old Saloon is all in English

and is aimed at students aged 13 - 16.


This play lasts 50 mins
Set up takes 45 mins
Pack up takes 30 mins

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