New language films to help students 

Explore something new

Onatti's reputation for writing exciting and modern stories for an audience learning a foreign language is renowned.

Available soon

A format they love

Young people are increasingly using videos as a way of getting information and entertainment.


Let us tap into their comfort zone and use their enthusiasm for watching short videos.

Creating an affordable tailored teaching tool in a new and engaging format. 



Modern resource

Onatti will create short films in many different languages aimed at different levels and abilities.


We are going to give Language teachers a well needed modern resource.

We are finalising our new website and will be launching it in the Summer of 2020. 

Teachers will be able to create an account and subscribe to Onatti Films for 12 months.

All our films will be supported by worksheets.   


“inspiring for teachers and engaging for students”


Only £45+vat for 12 Months Subscription 
But buy now and your subscription will end on 30th September 2021.
That is 16 months!


Excellent, well thought, confidence boost to your students.


Slow delivery of the spoken word without sounding deliberate or patronising.


Always authentic language spoken by native actors in real situations and filmed in the country.


Our films are authentic genuine scripts.


Designed worksheets to accompany each film and full transcript.


Words, characters and storylines are suitably age appropriate.

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Trailers can be viewed here for our films.

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