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Foreign Language Films for Schools with worksheets 

"...just loved them!...accessible, relevant and appealing.
The Association for Language Learning

New high quality short language films for schools. Pitched at students who are learning a language.

Onatti is now giving schools a "modern" modern language resource.

Each film comes with worksheets.

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"Onatti have done it again – another fantastic language resources for learners. Highly recommended!"
Strathearn School, Belfast

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Slow delivery without sounding deliberate or patronising.

Authentic age appropriate stories.

Made to boost confidence to listening skills.

Native language spoken in real situations.

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- Language: French

 -Parts: 1

- Length: 13:58

- Age: 12-15

- Release Date: 2020

- Worksheets Provided

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A very entertaining short film merges three stories linked by one location - a Parisian apartment building.

- Language: Spanish

- Parts: 2

 -Length: Part 1 (12:05), Part 2 (6:39)

 -Age: 12-15

 -Release Date: 2020

- Worksheets Provided

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A wonderfully engaging story. Conchita persuades her friend Paloma to hold a party for her birthday.

Harriets Riese poster.jpeg

- Language: German

- Parts: 2

- Length: Part 1 (12:48), Part 2 (7:02)

- Age: 12-15

- Release Date: 2020

- Worksheets Provided

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Harriets Reise Poster.jpg

Tommy has asked three of her friends Yolanda, Timo and Decker, to join her on a road-trip. 

Ecris Moi poster.jpeg

- Language: French & English

- Parts: 3

 -Length: 30 mins

 -Age: 7-13

 -Release Date: 2021

- Transcript

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Beginners French Full Stage Play
A brilliant and really funny story for children aged 7-13 who are learning French.

New films in French and Spanish coming soon!


Show these ALL films & videos in your class for just

" year 9 German students loved Harriets Reise today. Brilliantly made and engaging! 

The Castle School 

"The videos are amazing!"
Hodge Hill Girls' School

Available soon

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