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A play in Spanish for teenagers

"Absolutely excellent!"

Carres Grammar School (Primera Cita 2011)

It's back!

Our most popular play in Spanish.

A fantastic play written to complement Spanish language learning at secondary level

"Fantastic...very inspirational.."
ACS Cobham

(Primera Cita 2012)

The play

Primera Cita

When you are going on a date you need to get ready.

This extremely entertaining play gives the audience an hilarious insight of two teenagers, Carlos and Maria, preparing for their first date.

Then, of course, we get to watch them on their actual date!

"....excellent...pupils identified 100% with the topic.."
St Bede's Catholic

(Primera Cita 2012)

"Both entertaining and educational"
Old Palace of John Whitgift School

(Primera Cita 2012)

"Superb - always impressed by the professionalism of the actors"
Newlands Girls School 

(Primera Cita 2012)


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Performed by two native Spanish actors.

Primera Cita is all in Spanish

and is aimed at students aged 13 - 16.


This play lasts 50 mins
Set up takes 45 mins
Pack up takes 30 mins

Primera Cita