English play for 


A very funny play perfect for teenagers

The Worst Hotel Ever is for students who are learning English and have completed at least one year of English at secondary level.

All in English

50 mins long

Touring France and Germany :


The Worst Hotel Ever

The story.

Mr and Mrs Overdone were excited when a man arrives wanting a room for a night in their hotel - because, they had not had a quest for months.

Their excitement turns to fear when they read in the news that there is an escaped criminal and he fits the description of their new guest.

They try to act normal while they await the arrival of the police.  But their fears get the better of them.

Then, another guest arrives.

Then another one!

But who is who?

"The performance was awesome..




Why so many schools use Onatti as part of language teaching.

This play is performed by two native English actors. The spoken English will be delivered slowly and clearly. We want your students to be able to follow the story, sustain their enjoyment and above all the boost their confidence. 

The plot will highlight many similarities to your student’s life, but in a humorous and exaggerated manner, making them relatable and increasing their enjoyment by empathising with the characters and storylines. 

Confidence in pitching of the language.

It is important when creating a play in English to pay careful attention to the written script and delivery of the dialogue.  Our plays will develop your student’s skills in “applying the language they already know” to enable them to follow the story.


We know that new language should always be presented surrounded by familiar vocabulary and phrases to indirectly expose them to unfamiliar words.

Sheets for the play

Every play is accompanied with worksheets. They contain a synopsis of the play, some extracts from the written script and some useful words and phrases