Modern foreign language plays touring schools in UK, Ireland and Europe.


From September 2020

Our business is visiting schools and we will implement any changes necessary to continue bringing our hugely popular MFL plays into schools. 

Boost their excitement for Languages 

Onatti writes new exciting plays and uses different modern styles of theatre to make foreign languages accessible and mix language learning with entertainment. 

To achieve this we craft the spoken word to complement your teaching.

Slow delivery of the Spoken word without sounding deliberate or patronising.

Native language spoken by native actors.

Worksheets for each play.

Easy to follow plots.

Level appropriate vocabulary.

Student participation in all plays.

Excellent use of repetition and mime to assist understanding.

No deposit needed.

We produce plays in French, Spanish, German and English.

We ALWAYS make the performances accessible.

Onatti plays.

Our plays are written to be performed to students learning the language.


We keep the stories simple but very visual.


It is important to bring the whole audience along with the actors, so great emphasis is put on accessible dialogue and simple sentence construction.   

Onatti actors.

We audition actors in Paris, Madrid and Berlin. All actors are trained to perform with clear, slow delivery and good use of mine to ensure the students can follow the play. 

"Really brilliant, completely professional and fantastic with the kids. 

The Y8s and 9s were thoroughly entertained!


Immanuel College

Student participation.

Every play will have some element of audience participation. The actors interact with the audience throughout the play. Also some students will join the actors during the performance to undertake simple tasks.  This is a great way of increasing their enjoyment and practising vocabulary.  

We visit schools in all parts of the UK, Ireland and France

"The Onatti plays are notoriously spot on for our teenage audience.


Cranbrook School 

Bringing Onatti in your school.

If you would like to bring a foreign language performance play to your students it is easy. Obviously you need to get the go-ahead from your school but, once you have that, booking Onatti is quick, friendly and simple.

Sorting out a date:

It might take a few emails back and forth between you and us to find a date which is good for you and when we are in your area.

"Our students absolutely loved it,

it was exactly the right level of French.


Nottingham Girls’High School

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