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Useful information about Onatti visiting your school

Safeguarding Policy

Risk Assessment

Public Liability from March 2023

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Frequently asked questions...

What time can the play start?

You can choose a start time.

Morning performances can start anytime upto 10:30am*

Afternoon performances can start anytime after 1:30pm

Play lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Set-up takes 45 mins

Pack-up takes 30 mins

Email us to let us know your start time unless you already have.

*Please stick to your start time, as they will have an afternoon performance elsewhere.

What happens on the day?

Sometimes the actors have wait a long time in reception so perhaps let reception know where they will be performing so they can start setting up.

Actors will arrive approximately 13 Mins before the start time.

Where can the play be performed?

The performance works best on a stage or in a drama studio.

Minimum area needed for our scenery plus acting space is 6 meters long by 5 meters deep.

A typical school hall stage is normally fine.

PLEASE, NO BLOCK STAGING – unless it is very sturdy. Actors change behind the scenery during the show.

Actors DBS

Our actors are in the UK only for this tour.  They are natives of either France, Spain or Germany.

A UK DBS check will show NO results so we get ALL our actors Police checked in their country.

Copies of these are available and they will bring them with them to your school.

They will always have ID with them too.


We do not tour our own lighting. 

If your hall or drama studio has stage lighting perhaps they can be turned on for the performance – tell your theatre technician we’ll need a “General Wash” they will know what you mean.


Actors are always willing to do a short Q&A with the audience after the play.


Onatti will email you an invoice after the performance date.  No deposit is needed for the performance date.


We don't ask schools for a deposit BUT if you cancel less than 4 weeks before the performance date we will invoice you for £200 plus VAT.

Why?  Our tours become very booked and we have probably disappointed schools who wanted YOUR date - it would be hard to fill a gap at short notice. 

We hope you understand.

If you can't host the performance because of Government closing the school then we will NOT charge your school

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