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Écris Moi

A play in French for Juniors

Écris-moi is one of our most popular plays for students at their beginning of learning French.

"Again a fabulous play, very professional"

Long Fields School

(Écris-moi 2012)

A great play written to complement French language learning at beginners level

"..so well structured.."
Harrogate Ladies College

(Écris-moi 2012)

The play


Louie is asked by his French teacher to compose an email to a French student at their "twined" school in France.

When Louie gets a reply from Renée he is excited and replied back and they start a friendship.

But Louie thinks Renée is a boy and Renée think Louie is a girl.

Their mistake is only realised when Louie accepts Renée's invitation to visit her in France.

"The girls were captivated..."
Edgbaston High

(Écris-moi 2013)

"Excellent and entertaining..."
Tandragee Junior School

(Écris-moi 2012)

"Excellent...pitched at just the right level"
Oaklands School

(Écris-moi 2013)


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Performed by one native French

and one native English.

Écris-moi is all in French and English

and is aimed at students aged 7-12.


This play lasts 50 mins
Set up takes 45 mins
Pack up takes 30 mins

Écris Moi