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Book a play and get the films...for free!

For all schools who book Onatti live theatre. 

Hi, we have a great limited offer!

If your school books one or more of our theatre plays we will give your school access to all our films and videos for FREE!

Sortir poster.jpeg
Harriets Riese poster.jpeg
Fiesta Poster2.jpeg
Ecris Moi poster.jpeg

HOW DOES IT WORK?  If your school has booked one of our language plays to visit you in this academic year (up to end of July 2022) then you can have access to our great Language Films until July 2022.

We will invoice your school now for £65+vat then we will REDUCE this cost off of your theatre booking.

NOTE: If you cancel your theatre booking you will still be able to use the films until July 2022 however the £65+vat will not be refunded.

HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR THIS OFFER?  Easy! Once you have confirmed a date with us to visit your school with a play - fill in the form below and we will do the rest.

ALREADY HAD A PLAY THIS YEAR?  Great - then you can have access to the films for FREE until July 2022.  Fill in the form below and tick the first option.

I have booked a play - can I have access to your films!
Select an option

We will email you when we have set you up!

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