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A play in French for teenagers

Our most popular play in French.

Les Garçons

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"Our students absolutely loved it,

it was exactly the right level of French."

Nottingham Girls’High School"(January 2020)

"The pupils were all absolutely engrossed...

a really engaging performance."

Lingfield College

(September 2019)


A fantastic play written to complement French language learning at secondary level


"...absolutely brilliant!...

Can't recommend enough!!!"

Penicuik High School

(October 2019)

"It was great!!...right language level for our GCSE pupils...amazing job!"

Drapers' Academy

(September 2019)

"It was accessible...

Étienne and Léa were brilliant"

Rainey Endowed"(October 2019)

"perfectly pitched"

Austin Friars

(September 2019)

Les Garçons

The play

Monsieur et madame Dulin are going to a fancy dress party and Natalie is coming to babysit.


Natalie's quiet evening with baby Bruno is interrupted by her ex-boyfriend Tristan, who wants to get back together with her.

Reluctantly she lets him stay and help babysit.

Natalie and Tristan argue and she storms out leaving Tristan to look after the baby - then the Dulin's return!

"Excellent play: a lot of students ,regarding of their ability, made positive comments to all teachers involved. Students were pleased to be able to understand the play and to interact with the actors."

Helena Romanes School

(Nov 2019)

Les Garçons


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"I just wanted to write and say how brilliant Etienne and Margot . so professional with the students, who really enjoyed the performance"

Rugby High School

(January 2020)

Performed by two native French actors.

 Les Garçons is all in French

and is aimed at students aged 13 - 16.


This play lasts 50 mins
Set up takes 45 mins
Pack up takes 30 mins

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