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We know schools are different now, but we can still have those fun activities...

Need to split year groups?

2 performances for the price of 1

We understand schools are keen to have Onatti but can’t have mixed year groups.  So, while these restrictions are in place we are offering schools the option to have the play performed twice at no extra cost.  

Ask us when you contact us.


NO cancelation fee

If you need to cancel because of local or national restrictions caused by coronavirus we will not charge.

Onatti actors in schools


  • Onatti Actors will not arrive before the agreed time.

  • Onatti Actors will contact the teacher or reception via telephone when they arrive so they can be greeted outside the building and informed which entrance they must use to set up.

  • Masks will be worn at all times during set up.

  • All performers will use 2 sets of protective gloves. The first set used during setting up for door handles, light switches etc. The second set used while packing away. These will then be disposed.

  • The edge of the performance area and the first row of students must be at least 3 meters apart.

  • No student should enter the performance area during the performance.

Onatti will regularly review these measures and will implement additional measures to comply with any individual school’s policies.

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