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St.Christophers School

"Such a positive experience..."


The World's Gone French

2021bfrench leaflets-07.png

A very funny play perfect children starting to learn French.

"The students and teachers loved it!

We all did!"

Dwight School London (Feb 2022)

Performed in French and English

45 mins long

Touring until:

July 2022

The World's Gone French is aimed at children aged 7-12.  It is performed half in French and half in English.  A brilliant and enjoyable way to hear French phrases and words in a fun way.

The story.

The World's Gone French is an ingenious play. 

Kieran is given a jigsaw of the world, but some countries are missing. When he finishes it something really strange happens - everyone he knows is only speaking in French - fluent French, including his mum, his gran and even his little sister!

He works out that the countries missing on the jigsaw are all the countries in the world that speak French!

Finding the pieces might revert his world back to English.

But to complete this he needs to use his French to communicate... with everyone!

Why so many schools use Onatti as part of language teaching.

This play is performed by one native French actor and one English actor. The spoken French will be delivered slowly and clearly. We want your students to be able to follow the story, sustain their enjoyment and above all the boost their confidence.  

The French in this play include many words and phrases which the children will recognise and introduce new vocabulary in a relaxed and fun way. 

We take great care to pitch the story at the perfect level and make sure that no matter what level of understand they have your children will be able to follow the story.

A great boost to their confidence.

Confidence in pitching of the language.

It is important when creating a play in French to pay careful attention to the written script and delivery of the dialogue.  Our plays will develop your student’s skills in “applying the language they already know” to enable them to follow the story.


We know that new language should always be presented surrounded by familiar vocabulary and phrases to indirectly expose them to unfamiliar words.

Sheets for the play

Every play is accompanied with worksheets. They contain a synopsis of the play, some extracts from the written script and some useful words and phrases

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